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Uncle BoB Fried Chicken

Uncle BoB's Fried Chicken, juicy tender chicken meat coated in crispy crust while being skinless and fatless - a great way to enjoy chicken without worrying about health and body-shape.

Uncle BoB's Fried Chicken comes in original flavor and also spicy flavor for those who prefer something different.

Uncle BoB Chicken Popcorn

Bite-sized, crunchy and juicy - The Chicken Popcorn from Uncle BoB is a favourite among children.

Boneless and easy to eat, the Chicken Popcorn is the most convenient way of enjoying chicken without having to get down and dirty.

Just like Uncle BoB's Fried Chicken, the Chicken Popcorn comes in both original and spicy flavor.

Uncle BoB  Hotdog

Uncle BoB's Jumbo Cheese Hotdog, cheesy on the inside, soft and tender on the outside.

Served on sticks, the Jumbo Cheese Hotdog is a great way to enjoy a convenient meal.

Uncle BoB Mee Sua

Concentrated, fresh and delicious soup base originated from the Taiwanese ancestor. The handmade "Red Mee Sua" is a well known Taiwanese delights. Further with our special made Chicken Popcorn and Sotong ball, it has made it a unique "Taiwanese Mee Sua" that has not lose its traditional essence.

Uncle BoB Mee Sua

Uncle BoB's Sweet Potato Fries comes with a twist.It is made out of 100% pure Japanese Sweet potatoes. Its thickness put the ordinary fries to shame. It's Crunchy on the outer side, soft, moist and tender inside. Uncle BoB's Sweet Potato Fries has high nutritional value and a unique taste. The potatoes that made this fries contains high nutritional components of vitamins A, C, E, and often help digestion

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